Gold Adventure Packages


All packages require a $100 deposit and you must provide your own transportation to Denver, CO. Our experienced gold guides can also refer you to some of the best lodging in the area if needed. Safety is our number one concern, as we are fully insured and have never had an issue. Book soon and enjoy finding gold in nature with expert gold prospector Steven Lewis. You'll create the memories of a lifetime and bring home that yellow gold.

Also included with each paid package is a Gold Pan, Snuffer Bottle, a plastic "pipette" to gather gold from the pan and a 1/2 oz glass vial to carry your gold.

Colorado Gold History: Your guide will share some great information with you about the gold in our area. Along with that, you will be introduced to identifying gold ore and flakes through hands-on introduction of gold samples our guides will bring you. This means you will have first-hand knowledge of what gold looks like and be familiar with it before your adventure begins.