Here at GoldStrike Adventures, we stay on top of the latest equipment technology for gold recovery. Some of our gear comes from old designs and needs no changes. However, there are always new products coming out and we do invest in excellent gold recovery equipment for you to use. Our dredges from companies like Keene Engineering and our concentrate machines like Gold Cube are second to none.
For those who have children coming on your adventure, they may assist you in shoveling or hand panning, even using our highbanker, but we ask that you keep kids with you at all times when we are near the water.


Keene A-52 Sluice

The standard of the industry is the Keene A52 Sluice Box. This piece of equipment allows you to go through a hundred panfulls of gravel in the same amount of time as hand panning just a few pans. It does this by letting the water in the creek do most of the work for you and separating the gravel from the heavies. The lighter material will run out the back while the gold and heavier material will get caught in the "riffles."

We teach you how to setup and maintain a sluice, run classified material through it and how to do final cleanup. After that, we show you how to separate your gold from the heavy black sands.


Keene A-52 Super Sluice

The all-new Keene A52 Super Sluice is a high-production hand sluice that you will set up in the river and shovel directly in to. The main difference between this new sluice and the standard A52 is that the A52S or "Super Sluice" has a punch plate screen which will classify the material as you go.This allows larger rocks and gravels to roll off the screen while capturing gold and heavies in the hungarian riffles and miner's carpet with expanded metal that you will remove to do your clean out. You can go through a lot of material in a day with this sluice which is nearly 4' long and has adjustable swivel legs and a large flare to feed. The well-tested design has evolved over time and Keene has added a row of "grizzlies" at the front to help with the classification system.


3-Stack Gold Cube with Trommel

As part of our equipment we supply to our clients,we offer you the opportunity to use the Gold Cube with a trommel attachment, which is the next generation of gold recovery systems.This piece of Gold Mining Equipment is specially made to recover fine gold. The Trommel top unit rotates constantly via electric motor and washes your gold-bearing dirt and gravel allowing the heavies to concentrate down into the Gold Cube for processing. You can set it up next to the stream and shovel right into the hopper, or bring buckets of material in from your dig site.

The Gold Cube has been used at every major gold mining operation worldwide. This machine is easy to work with and will help you to concentrate your gold-bearing gravel down to a much smaller amount of material which you will then pan out to get your gold.

This machine  can be setup right at our claims and runs off of a deep-cycle 12v battery. All you do is feed the material in, to concentrate it down for an awesome cleanout.


Gold Miner Spiral Wheel

After a day of prospecting, we often have a collection of concentrates which contain the gold. These concentrates are made up of black sands or "magnetite" which are so well mixed in with the gold that it becomes a tedious chore to separate the black sand from the gold. You could spend hours trying to pan away the black sands, but the specific gravity of the iron makes it difficult to separate from gold and is very time-consuming.

The spiral wheel rotates using a small electric motor and as you add small amounts of concentrate, it will allow the magnetite to wash down and tumble out while the clean gold gets captured into a small catch cup on the back. This gravity-based system does take patience and is a neat way to clean your gold after a hard day's work.

After cleaning all your gold with the wheel, you will dump the catch-cup of clean gold into a pan one more time and then use a small snipe tube or "pipette" to move your gold into a vial and cap it off for safe keeping.


Keene 2.5" Dredge/Highbanker Combo

For those clients who want to experience dredging without diving and swimming, we offer the dredge/highbanker combo. This setup is excellent for capturing gold due to the ability to move lots of material into the sluice via a gas-powered engine and 2.5" suction nozzle. You can work the nozzle to suck up gravels from the stream or switch off and shovel some directly into the hopper or "boiler box" which has a steady stream of water pumping in to wash away the light stuff and help drop that gold into the riffles of the sluice.  

This is Combination Dredge & Power Sluice, is powered by a 4 HP Honda Engine with the addition of a 2 1/2 inch dredge suction nozzle, 15 feet of 2 1/2 inch suction hose and 12 feet of additional pressure hose to extend the suction system. This is a great choice for your Colorado Gold Adventure and remember, we can combine a choice of equipment for your custom adventure package, just let us know your level of experience and how long you would like to prospect.


Keene 4”  Three-stage Floating Dredge w/Air for Two

This Keene dredge is part of your ultimate underwater adventure for your gold quest. You will be using our 3 stage floating dredge with Gast medium duty air compressor that can support two divers.

Goldstrike Adventures will outfit you with a wetsuit, dive mask, a regulator and everything you need to spend time underwater dredging for gold. We have had some super productive trips and will bring you to our best gold-bearing spots to use this equipment.

If this will be your first time dredging, please be aquatic, have the ability to swim and spend long periods of time underwater. If you are an experienced dredger, that's fine, you may use our dredge or bring your own, we still guarantee gold and provide the ultimate Colorado gold experience.


Gold N' Sand Hand Dredge

We include the use of a Gold 'n Sand Hand Dredge if requested with certain packages, (inquire within). This tool will allow you to pump material out of bedrock cracks and collect some of the gold-bearing material that a shovel can miss. The Gold n' Sand comes in handy for sniping nuggets, free-diving or just cleaning out bedrock puddles and crevices where gold may be trapped.

It works similar to a bicycle pump and will accumulate material into the 3 gallon attached bucket which you will pan out later or toss into the Gold Cube for processing. 


 Garrett 15" Super Sluice Pan

In gold mining we have a saying:"It starts with a Pan and ends with a Pan." Whether you are brand new at this or a seasoned gold prospector, at some point you will need to be panning. We will supply all pans and "classifiers" (screens) for your gold adventure. Some of the pans we have available will have aggressive riffles like the Garrett Super Sluice Pan, which for a pan can go through quite a bit of material quickly.
Other favorites include the Keene or Pioneer blue or green plastic pans with "dual riffles" which allow you to work black sands on the finishing side of the pan. Some people prefer black colored pans which can show the gold better sometimes. Panning techniques vary with each individual, if you are new, we will get you started in panning so that you can do it on your own. as we say "heavy pans!"