Gold Guide Service

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How Much Gold?

We provide you with a one-on-one full-service guided gold adventure while teaching you everything you need to know about how to prospect for gold, read a stream and find Colorado placer gold on your own.


You can choose from basic gold panning and/or sluicing, use the latest and newest gold recovery equipment - all the way to advanced motorized suction dredging and high banking packages!

We are family-friendly and provide a gold guide service that will give you the skills to find plenty of gold after the adventure as well, when you go out on your own.



  • Panning Techniques

  • Reading the River

  • All Equipment Training

  • Sluicing for Gold

  • Highbanking 

  • Dredging

  • Free Dive Sniping

  • Trommel Setup

  • Gold Cube Techniques

  • Spiral Wheel Cleanup 

  • Colorado Gold Locations

  • Proper Classification

  • Geology & Gold History

Gold Amounts:As with fishing, sometimes luck plays a role as to how much gold you will take home. Hard work and perseverance certainly increases your chances of a higher yield.

Success Stories: Some of our clients have done better than expected and have taken home nearly a half ounce of gold in just one day. This will vary, if you get on a decent pocket, there is no limit to what you will find.

We GUARANTEE you will find gold!​

Our Expert Prospecting Leader


Steven Lewis, Gold Guide


Terms of Service:
All trips are booked on a first come/first serve basis. We will confirm your trip dates with you and provide details prior to your arrival.

All adventure packages require a $100 non-refundable deposit. Any change of schedule must be agreed by our guides and then re-scheduled according to our availability.

Privacy Policy:
Goldstrike Adventures respects your privacy and will not use your information for anything other than making a secure deposit for a trip or completing a sale for paydirt or any other products you purchase through us. We do not share your information to any third parties. Your card information is not stored with us, it is only used to securely process payments online.


John and Debi loved their adventure and also loved the gold they found.